1)  We process any given retail order within 3-5 working days since its been placed. We ship two times per week via regular state post services (CYPRUS POSTS) under PRIORITY A rates.                                                                             

Therefore a fair delivery time for EU is agreed between +- 7 to10 days since an order is placed.  For other territories than EU, no estimation is provided or agreed).  

2). We only sell what we have in stock, but if additional time is needed, for some reason,  the customer will be informed by phone or email for the delay, in which case he has the right to cancel his order if 15 days has passed after it's been placed without shipping achieved. If that occurs, TERRA NAVIGA is obliged and will refund the total initial payment to the customer.  

3). If TERRA NAVIGA fails to prepare an order for shipment within 21 days maximum, the order will be considered non valid. If that occurs TERRA NAVIGA is obliged and will refund the total initial payment to the customer.

4). Please bear in mind that after an order is shipped, TERRA NAVIGA holds no control of the process and therefore no responsibility for any delay or loss of any kind, other than the refund of the total initial payment, only, if necessary.

5). TERRA NAVIGA can not behold responsible or liable in any form or way against any losses commercial or financial or of any other form, in any case of not delivering an order in time or at all. The only and one responsibility of TERRA NAVIGA is the refund of the total initial payment to the customer.

6). Our E-SHOP is connected to the CYPRUS POSTS and all shipping information is copy-pasted from your order form, so as to eliminate  the probability of a transcribe error and minimise any potential  loss of time and money that might occur for both of us.                                                                                          Dozens of lost hours in exchange for a 5 minute checking is not worthy.               So please take time to check thoroughly the information you provide to us in order to avoid unnecessary troubles and delays.      

7). BEWARE:  TERRA NAVIGA will not accept requests for refund or any other compensation for lost orders because of customers failure to provide secure and real information on his part.


TERRA NAVIGA has a quality check procedure in order to guarantee that merchandise will be produced and delivered in good condition, however, in bulk orders were is not possible to perform a piece by piece check, might appear a quality loss. In case such a loss occurred in the form of bad printed or folded items or shipping damages TERRA NAVIGA is obliged in no other compensation than to replace the specific items on TERRA NAVIGA’s expense, or compensate the customer in their initially payed wholesale price (plus VAT if any).Proof of destroyed items must be provided by the customer.                                  Customised items are only refunded and not replaced. 


1). TERRA NAVIGA is based in European Union (EU). Our premises  are located in Nicosia, Cyprus, from where retail and small wholesale orders are shipped. For larger wholesale and bulk orders we might ship from Greece were our cooperating print house is based. In specific cases, only for EU, we might arrange a print production in customers country if possible, in order to minimise shipping costs.                               

 2). For EU customers there is no limit in the number of items that can be ordered. However, this is not the case, concerning world wide shipping.


1). TERRA NAVIGA will not accept wholesale or bulk orders  from Countries that don’t belong to EU at the moment.  We only offer retail items via our web shop and we can ship world wide from 1 up to 50 pieces maximum. When someone orders outside from EU, agrees that any additional cost of any kind, beyond the initial payment to us, that is imposed from others, authorities or customs or anybody else, so as to permit delivery, has to be paid from the customer.                                                                                    TERRA NAVIGA can not behold responsible or liable in any way for failing to deliver,  if customer refuse to cover any additional costs that are not imposed by us.                                  

2). In case that a world wide shipment is failed because of our fault (fail to process and ship the order), or our transporter fails to deliver because of loss or damage, TERRA NAVIGA will only fully refund the initial payment and not replace the item.



1) TERRA NAVIGA is a creative studio specialised on the production of handmade illustrated maps.

We own the copyrights of our maps as we are the designers of them. We can offer fine quality offset and digital paper prints of our maps via our web shop, as well as a variety of special printed products on demand.

2) TERRA NAVIGA will handle in-house your order, that is, the  safe packaging of your products and arrange shipment  twice a week with national Post Office (CYPRUS POSTS). We will ship your package within 5 days maximum, after placing your order providing you with the shipment notice. 

For special prints on demand we will provide all info about each order previously, after specification. 

3) If an order has been placed and can not be fulfilled because of a, meanwhile occurred, unavailability of product, customer will be informed by email or telephone for the delay, to be asked if he wishes to stand in a waitlist or to cancel and get a refund for his order.

4) We ship through regular mail services ( CYPRUS POSTS ) for retail orders from one (1) up to two hundred (200) pieces under the A priority rate. Usually, European regular post services are quite good and deliver A priority shipments within a week. However, time of delivery depends on factors considering the transporters modus operandi  (that is the regular mail services of the countries involved), therefore TERRA NAVIGA can not be hold responsible for any delay in delivering the item and consequently for any kind of financial or any other kind of loses for the customer, because of the delay. 

 5) If an order has not be delivered within 30 days, the customer has the right to cancel his order, according to the EU shopping regulations, and in that case TERRA NAVIGA will only refund customer’s initial payment 100% within 5 working days.   

6) We guaranty the good condition of the items send, by thorough checking before packing them and providing secure packaging for shipments, therefore TERRA NAVIGA can not hold responsible or liable for any compensation for items that arrived damaged because of mishandling  by the transporter, others than the replacement of damaged items on TERRA NAVIGA’S expense or the refund 100% of the customers initial payment, if the last one wish to cancel his order. 

In order to be entitled for a refund or replacement,  the customer must provide sufficient proof of the damaged items in detail (number of destroyed items and form of damage).

 7) About wholesale orders that arrived damaged because of mishandling by the transporter,

TERRA NAVIGA can not be hold responsible or liable in any possible way, concerning shipping losses or damages on any given order, neither will produce any compensation or refund towards the buyer for his loss or damage of any kind that occurred because of unavailability of  merchandise.

Our only obligation is the replacement of damaged items on TERRA NAVIGA’S expense, or the refund of damaged items, or refund 100% of the customers initial payment, if the last one wish to cancel his order. For to do so, the customer must provide sufficient proof of the damaged items in detail (number of destroyed items and form of damage).

8) BEWARE:  If a  package arrives in bad condition as a result of transporters mishandling you must be able to prove that, therefore you should take several photos ( to send us) from different angles before you open it for checking the content merchandise, which you should photograph also for a precise description of the damaged items. 

If you don’t provide photos of the sealed damaged package, TERRA NAVIGA can not be sure if the damage occurred by transporters mishandling or yours, and therefore no replacement or refund will be approved towards you.

9)  In the rare case of an order that has been lost or can not by delivered on transporter’s responsibility, if customer does not wish to have his order resend, TERRA NAVIGA will compensate the customer payment 100% within 5 days after we receive the written notice of the transporter, confirming the loss of our shipment  or unavailability of delivery (notice will be provided to the customer with the refund). 

10) TERRA NAVIGA is interested in providing good services towards our customers and we are paying great efforts to ensure product quality and shipment safety. All  customers, retail or wholesale, can expect a fair and legal treatment from us for any dispute or complain that might occur in good faith over the purchased product. 

11)  IMPORTANT: As it is possible that you may not be entitled for a refund or replacement in certain cases, please read carefully the following TERRA NAVIGA rules to find out which these cases are.

Terra Naviga creates topologically correct illustrated maps of any city with outstanding detail and artistic projection for optimal viewing pleasure!
Terra Naviga maakt topologisch correcte geïllustreerde kaarten van elke stad met uitstekende details en artistieke projectie voor optimaal kijkplezier!
Terra Naviga crée des cartes illustrées topologiquement correctes de n'importe quelle ville avec des détails exceptionnels et une projection artistique pour un plaisir visuel optimal!
Terra Naviga erstellt topologisch korrekte illustrierte Karten jeder Stadt mit herausragenden Details und künstlerischer Projektion für optimales Sehvergnügen!
Terra Naviga создает топологически правильные иллюстрированные карты любого города с выдающейся детализацией и художественной проекцией для оптимального удовольствия от просмотра!
Terra Naviga crea mappe illustrate topologicamente corrette di qualsiasi città con dettagli eccezionali e proiezioni artistiche per un piacere visivo ottimale!
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