TERRA NAVIGA’s creative work on map making, is a complete marketable product , especially designed for mass consumption. Our illustrated maps, providing unparalleled orientation support, and absolute geographical understanding through an artistic visual splendour, are always the first and best choice for anyone who wish to walk around easily or have a substantial remote comprehensive of the cities they represent.                                                                                

Milions of potential users interested in to, or already visiting the great cities of Amsterdam and Athens can now be thankful to you, for providing them the best navigational support ever!

We are always interested in BTB cooperations with registered retailers and wholesalers who wish to make available to their customers or visitors, our product.  We offer via our Web shop a variety of wholesale options for retailing purposes, raging from a dozen too few hundred pieces.              

You can buy and  have them delivered to you, by simply filling up an order form, in our web page.                                                                                                                 

For orders  beyond 500 pieces, you can send us an email with the amount you wish to purchase and we will send you our price list in large whole sale and bulk orders.                                          

As it is understandable, the more you buy,  the more you increase your profits per piece  in retail sale. We can offer you dramatic price deductions as you increase the number of the items purchased. Feel free to contact us for further details, to find out how you can get the maximum profit from our product.

Please notice that our wholesale and bulk order price list is applied only to professional customers that are officially registered as such in their countries. ( Registration numbers must be provided ).


We have a price deduction scale for wholesales and bulk orders. The more you buy for resale purposes the more we can offer you a better price per piece.  If you wish to have more than 200 pieces please  email us to send you an offer and inform you for costs and shipping options. 

Wholesale starts from 50 up to 500 pieces. 

Bulk orders start from 500 pieces and above and are available on demand, that is that a print production will be arranged especially for you. In that case an additional waiting time of a maximum 15 days will be necessary for that purpose.                                                         

Wholesale and bulk orders are available only to customers with official, valid, registration numbers.


For advertising use, that is for free giving maps with your info printed in it, we offer significantly lower prices per piece. 

Our offers starts from 1000 pieces and above, that will be offset printed on demand, especially for your business. In that case we might seek for a print house in your country in order to diminish shipping costs for you. However if this is not possible, we will produce our product in Athens, Greece and send it via our shipping cooperator to your premises.                                                 

All details will be communicated to you after order specification and prior any action from our side.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Customised orders for advertising use can not be returned or canceled after print production has started, since they can not be available to clients other  than you.      

The only case in which a cancelation will be accepted and a refund 100% will be available towards you, is the one that reach our office prior the start of printing process.                                                       

See all terms that applied in customised items in our cancellation policy section in this website.

Terra Naviga creates topologically correct illustrated maps of any city with outstanding detail and artistic projection for optimal viewing pleasure!
Terra Naviga maakt topologisch correcte geïllustreerde kaarten van elke stad met uitstekende details en artistieke projectie voor optimaal kijkplezier!
Terra Naviga crée des cartes illustrées topologiquement correctes de n'importe quelle ville avec des détails exceptionnels et une projection artistique pour un plaisir visuel optimal!
Terra Naviga erstellt topologisch korrekte illustrierte Karten jeder Stadt mit herausragenden Details und künstlerischer Projektion für optimales Sehvergnügen!
Terra Naviga создает топологически правильные иллюстрированные карты любого города с выдающейся детализацией и художественной проекцией для оптимального удовольствия от просмотра!
Terra Naviga crea mappe illustrate topologicamente corrette di qualsiasi città con dettagli eccezionali e proiezioni artistiche per un piacere visivo ottimale!
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