TERRA NAVIGA is a creative studio specialized on the production of handmade illustrated maps. During the last 3 years we produced illustrated maps for the historic center's of Amsterdam, Haarlem and the historic center of Nicosia in Cyprus.

We have produced Athens Illustrated map, an alternative high quality illustrated map in 2021.

Apart from the present maps of Amsterdam, Haarlem and Nicosia which we are the legal owners of its Copyright, and which we offer for sale, we have completed over the last 9 years more than 30 other illustrated maps of distinguished Greek destinations on behalf of Public Authorities and Counties of Greece as well as for Commercial publishers of Greek interests (Topiography – St. Logotheti editions). Some of them can be viewed in the present web page right below and they are included in our website for presentational purposes only, as samples of our creative work, since their copyright is property of Topiography - St. Logotheti editions.

As a creative studio we are constantly active towards in completing more illustrated maps in order to create a new series of products that can make a difference in the world of travel information. Therefore we are always interested in Business to Business cooperation’s so we can increase the availability of our present designs in a wider clientele.

We are able to produce any kind of illustrated map for any place around the world. From small towns to big capitals as well as wider geographical areas (Municipalities, Counties, national parks etc.), always guarantying for the same topographical accuracy.

Our illustrated maps have a series of commercial applications and a variety of product forms in which they can be offered to the final consumers. Some of them we suggest in our present website under the title “Modern uses and applications” that can be found in the "AMSTERDAM" page.

We believe our maps not only they will be a great addition to any Tourist Guide circulating at the moment for the city of Amsterdam and Haarlem but they can stand as individual products since they hold a highly efficient accuracy as maps and an outstanding aesthetic value as handmade illustrations in a very traditional way.
Epameinondas Kaiafas, author and owner of TERRA NAVIGA is a self-educated master designer - illustrator, sculptor and painter, born in 1973 in a middle sized city called Volos in central Greece, located in the mythical shadow of Mount Pelion. 
With a sincere interest in all aspects of visual arts from early childhood he grew up to become a self-taught visual artist, although he never had the chance to follow the usual academic curriculum in fine arts. He is working in graphic design over the past 17 years, eight of them as an employee in a graphic design studio and the last nine as an entrepreneur, master of his own studio. He is specialized in the creation of handmade illustrated maps using the same creative technics of the old masters.
Terra Naviga creates topologically correct illustrated maps of any city with outstanding detail and artistic projection for optimal viewing pleasure!
Terra Naviga maakt topologisch correcte geïllustreerde kaarten van elke stad met uitstekende details en artistieke projectie voor optimaal kijkplezier!
Terra Naviga crée des cartes illustrées topologiquement correctes de n'importe quelle ville avec des détails exceptionnels et une projection artistique pour un plaisir visuel optimal!
Terra Naviga erstellt topologisch korrekte illustrierte Karten jeder Stadt mit herausragenden Details und künstlerischer Projektion für optimales Sehvergnügen!
Terra Naviga создает топологически правильные иллюстрированные карты любого города с выдающейся детализацией и художественной проекцией для оптимального удовольствия от просмотра!
Terra Naviga crea mappe illustrate topologicamente corrette di qualsiasi città con dettagli eccezionali e proiezioni artistiche per un piacere visivo ottimale!
All Content © Terra Naviga
Epameinondas Kaiafas
Master designer - Owner of Terra Naviga
Georgiou Stokkou 12 Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus
Mobile: +357.97667037
[email protected]